Friday, May 8, 2015

Intro to Turtles

     Woohoo!  The end is near!
     But before blissful moments of summer, there are tons of obstacles in the way, in the form of AP exams and finals.  Groan.  Due to preparing for these exams, I have not been able to keep up my regular blog posting schedule for the past few months.  Please accept my most sincerest apologies.  But I have big plans over the summer to write fantastics blog postings and maybe even write twice a month!  Oooh!
     April's blog is an essay written by yours truly.  This story was written in response to an unusual college application prompt, where I was able to create my own question then answer it in 500 words or less; it goes like this:
     "The Chinese calendar assigns animals to different years on a twelve-year rotation.  The Greek zodiac assigns a constellation that represents an animal or legend according to the month of your birth.  Some pagan religions have spirit animals.  All these animals are supposed to represent traits and influence your personality.  Describe what animal most defines who you are or want to be.  Why?"
     My response to this prompt is aptly title "Turtles," and once you read, you'll see why.

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