Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cleaning Mishap!

     When I was about two years old and wearing my old analog hearing aids, I thought my hearing aids were dirty.  I thought as logically as any two-year old can, "Hmm, how do people clean dirty things?  Why they soak them in water first!"  Luckily for my two-year old self, there was a glass of water nearby.  Perfect!  Off went the hearing aids and into the water they went!
     Toddler-me had no clue about the rocky relationship between electronics and water; she did not understand that hearing aids were electronics, or even what "electronics" meant.  Fortunately, Moms know everything - they know what "electronics" mean; they know about the rocky relationship between electronics and water; and they know that hearing aids should definitely not go into the glass of water!
     My mom rescued the hearing aids as soon as they fell into the water and dried them quickly.   Toddler Chloe was happy because the hearing aids were now clean, and Mom was happy because the hearing aids still squealed, a sign that they were still functioning properly.

P.S.  Since my mom is not only omniscient, but also somewhat of an anxious, over-protective helicopter, she did take the hearing aids to the audiologist to be sure all was well ... despite the audiologist telling her on the phone that the hearing aids were working as long as they were squealin'!

P.S.S.  Now I know how to properly clean my hearing aids.  Luckily! 

Two-year old me ready to clean some hearing aids!

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